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Moving the Forest into Our Screen | Web Design

written by Jamila Lui | date: 11 November, 2023

The purpose of this very project, "Seen and Perceived", our team dedicate our time to digitise the 35 lithographs, stated in our mission statement, "[w]e propose that this is not just a venture in research but a reconfiguration of research so that it can be consumed as art". In order to fully achieve the purpose of the project - digitizing the 35 photos of the lithrographs is merely a process. The bigger concern behind building the website is to allow users to interact with the lithographs.

Having that said, it is my responsiblity to ensure the environment and atmosphere that the website is creating is as neutral, safe and spacious, as this will create a silent intiative from the viewrs to interact with the exhibit.

In order to create such atmosphere, the fundamental elements of building the website is important, which is what I have considered during the pre-production of building the webiste, that includes: (1) Color, (2)Animations, and (3) Portion of the items.

In this blog post, I will mainly explain why is the color green chosen to be the major the color theme of the project's website.

What is the reason behind not using 'white' as the theme color?

Indeed, a lot of physical exhibiiton sites have been using white as background to increase the spaciousness. That has also allowed visitors to consume themselves into the area. However, given the major color of the exhibits is tan, off-white, using the color white as the background is not ideal, especially when we hope users could concentrate on the artpiece that we are presenting, contrast between the main color of the artpiece and background is needed on our website.

On the practicality level and referenced to the statistics published in 2021, over 80% of the participants use dark mode on their devices. Although whiteness has a lot of benefits in physical exhibitions, it is necessary to have extra consideration when it comes to digital exhibition.

What other colors are in our consideration?

In order to allow viewers to consume themselves into the digital exhibition, while easing one's mind and emotion, green and blue would be the next option on the list as these colors are association with nature.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, "neutral, safe and spacious" is the key atmosphere of this virtual space. Comparing the 2 colors, it is necessary to mention the potential color association as it will create certain feelings and shapes our experience. Green is often associated with forest, land, jungle; while blue assoicates with the ocean, sky and perhaps coldness.

In this project, it is sensible to build a steady journey of a walk in a forest with paths, instead of the adventure in the ocean. Hence, to enhance the experience of the exhibition, we "moved the forest into our screen", and allow our viewers to enjoy the walk in the nature along with the 35 photos of lithographs.


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