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Miss Lin, had spent most of her childhood at Redfern. At age 24, she owned the her parents' land due to an unexpected event. 

“It's more than a place to live in.” 

It is also because her experiences in her childhood, getting bullied by the other students at School. She planned to leave Redfern as soon as she has the ability to move out.

"It feels different over time, when the people changed while it doesn't seem to have much changes in the area."

After leaving Redfern, she moved to Wollogong. Redfern seems a little bit far, both in distance and the memory lane. The older she gets, she feels more responisble to be part of the community. Of course, this change was after the realization of 'there are something she could have done to the community'.

"Redfern made me feel like living in a black box, no windows, no door... pretty suffocating."

She then looked at the window next to her, that was a long pause, maybe is trying to organise the words in the right order.

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