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Talking about business

'Our Business has been better, more collaborators and partners.' he said. Henry Lees' is not just a cafe serving tea, coffee and food, but also serving information for the community. In a glance, this business wrapped up most parts of arts- Latte art, coffee art, literature arts, etc..



"It is just a way for us to share love...Only by actions, we can share love, no big banners or words." Henry Lees' business has always been going well. The constructions next to the restaurant did not hugely affect the business, there might be a little bit going down, but it does not affect a lot.

"See, everyday we meet new customers, 'though some are returning, but most important they are coming in happily and leaving with a big smile."  before the conversation gets off track, I asked him about is the cafe recognize the redevelopment in the area.

"There are things we just have to go along with, as long as we can keep the business running, and do no harm to our industries , then we will assist."

I asked him about the Aboriginals. 


"To a certain, extend, we have to fix the problem of this problem."  He didn't directly answer the questions, but by the events going on in the cafe, or the teams that Henry Lees' cooperating with, they are helping the aboriginals, at least in art industry. He invited me to the event on the week after, that is the tour for Aboriginals' Street Art.

He did not commented a lot about they view the redevelopment in Redfern, but the word 'assist' and all the events holding, I don't see that they are not trying to send the message of 'helping the Aboriginals'. 

After thought:

Their given business moral might not be speacial, but in the way they do business, I am personally impressed. One day, actions will speak louder than words, and the only way to fix the coldness spammed by the policy.

The society needs to move, and we cannot only look at what or who is lagging behine. By that I mean, there are ways for us to pull them together and improve with the pace given by the government.

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