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Project note

Our group are exploring the different perspective of the issue of 'redevelopment of Redfern'. According to the news reports and the government plan, with the statistics of the unemployment of the Aboriginals provided by the New South Wales government, it is foreseeable that Aboriginals, in the next ten years, will be 'kicked out' from Redfern, due to the rental price and the cost of living. However, Redfern is actually the 'home' for the Aboriginals, as back in early 1920s, this place became the land for migrants. 

The website will show how is Redfern became the 'warmer home' for the Aboringials in 1920s, the two stories from business owner and landowner. 

"it is about history and humanity,

and this is why Redfern is our home.'

-Miss Lin, 2019

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